Welcome to Stress Release Physiotherapy

Stress Release Physiotherapy is owned and operated by Fiona Young. A physiotherapist who works in the specialist areas of; Breathing Pattern Disorders, Stress and Anxiety. This friendly and small home based clinic is located in Mt Pleasant, Christchurch. There is easy parking and access and it is a quiet and calm environment to learn to relax and breathe with ease.

Fiona also runs a weekly clinic @ Racecourse Physiotherapy and a weekly Resorative Yoga Classes from Christchurch East Yoga at 38 Bowhill Rd in New Brighton. Please contact Fiona to register.


Physiotherapy Specialising in...

* Better Breathing                          * Stress and Anxiety

* Better Sleep                                * Post Earthquake Stress


Contact Details;

            P : 03 3764588

            M : 021 186 2006

            E : relax@thebreathingphysio.co.nz

            F : 03 376 6450 

                    GP / Specialist/ Physiotherapy Referrals by fax or email.

                    Indicate Rx for; sleep, breathing/hyperventilation, massage, relaxation, or posture & muscle tension.    


Clinics: 65 Major Hornbrook Rd, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch

                57 Epsom Rd, Sockburn @ Racecourse Physiotherapy



Restorative Yoga Classes: Christchurch East Yoga- 38 Bowhill Rd

                                           Tuesday 9.30 am - 11 am





* Relaxation techniques; including meditation

   & mindfulness.

* Breathing assessment & treatment,

    including Bradcliff training. 

* Massage


* Exercise & Posture Rehabilitation

* Restorative Yoga and Restorative Yoga Classes

* Wellness Coaching

* Groups and individual treatment.



About us :


Registered Physiotherapist Fiona Young( aka 

the breathing physio ) has a B Sc Physiology,

B Physiotherapy and Dip Life Coaching.


Over the last decade Fiona has worked at ;
Anxiety Disorders Unit, Child and Family Mental Health,
Refugee and Migrant Service, CommunityMental Health
Teams and Mabel Howard Clinic.
 She now works at Stress Release Physiotherapy
 and is also the Physiotherapy Mental Health Lecturer
 at Otago University.

Special Interest:


* Breathing and Relaxation training.

* Stress, Post Earthquake Stress.

* Breathing Pattern Disorders/Hyperventilation.

* Anxiety Disorders.

* Breathing and Sleep Relief.

* Child and Family Mental Health.


Useful Links;

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                                          For Fiona's Bio see http://www.traumarelease.co.nz/files/2013/03/Fiona-Young1.pdf